Malawi: The warm heart of Africa

Muli Buanjy?

I was just landed in Lilongwe when, during my first walk in the old town this 50-60 years old lady turns her heads and smiling says “Muli bwanjy”?! Seeing my attonished expression she repeated in english: “How are you”?

I was unsure she was talking to me, I’ve got a look behind me to check if any other people was there. But not! She was talking to me!

there’s little doubt that the overwhelming memory from their time in Malawi will be the People they’ve met.  The Malawians greet all visitors with a beaming smile, and with a genuine, disarming warmth. They will go out of their way to be friendly and helpful to anyone who has done them the honour of visiting their country.

It came as no surprise that Malawi was listed as the ‘Happiest’ Country in Africa by Forbes recently.

Home is where your heart is and a piece of my heart will always be with my friend in that small, happy and strong country, washed by the big lake. Where women carry the weight of the land, of their children, of their home and their stomach, where men are still depending on nature, in a mutual relationship.

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