The Black Rhino Drama

In the land of the sad stories, one of the principal characters is the Black Rhinoceros.

Onother victim of the european hunters, responsible for the early decline of black rhino populations. Habitat loss has not been a significant factor in the decline of rhinos. Rather, poaching, for their horn has decimated

Today, all five species of rhinos are perilously close to extinction. The rate of their decline is truly astounding: in the decade of the 1970s alone, half the world’s rhino population disappeared. Today, less than 15 per cent of the 1970 population remain.

The value of rhino horn made it enormously profitable to poach rhinos and sell them on the black market. For example, in 1990, the two horns from a single black rhino brought as much as $50,000. Nowadays all trade in rhino horn is prohibited, since rhinos are protected under the CITES. However, the ban on trade in rhino horns has not been very successful. A thriving black market in rhino horn has continued.

Now, there are so few left that many rhinos are literally kept under armed guard. They forage during the day, accompanied by guards with rifles, and they are locked up at night under armed guard.

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