What’s your story, Lady?

Photography is able to change the world, bringing a message from a different reality, knowledge, and power to people.

When I left for my fist volunteer project in Malawi I didn’t know it was going to be the mission of my life. I was quite lost at that time and helping others it’s been the way to help myself.

Once there, Jim, an old man from the throne of his wheel chair asked to me “what’s your story lady”? I told him and than I wanted to discover his own story. That day I realized that every story is unique and important as anyone else and I understood that I cannot ask more than to share those silent stories, their smiles and their tears with those who cannot see, for different reasons.

I see the difference” as an added value to learn from, as an exchanging point between boarders and cultures.

Giving a different prospective of the world, the possibility of a difference, the possible difference.

Need a reportage for editorial or N.G.O. storytelling?

I’m available of considering projects worldwide.

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