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chiara battistini photographer, dead sea, israel, middle est

Of course, there will always be those who look only at tecnique, who ask “how”, while others of a more curious nature will ask “why”.

I’m originally from Italy and currently based in London.

During my photo expeditions in developing countries I built my travel philosophy based on sharing and learning about different cultures, environments and responsable way of traveling. Empathy and enrichment, paradoxically become deeper when you get out from your safe comfort zone.

I focus my reasearch on any expression of the nature and the human being, I’m sensitive to injustice but conscious to the fact that change must start from within. From a pic possibly.

Photography becames the bridge between 2 realities and source of enrichment for both. The deepest connection and the universal language over boundaries and borders.

On those values I founded AlterNative, focused on photo tours, workshops and expeditions. Orientated on sustanable and responsable tourism, where, off the beaten paths, photography meets the other culture, the other place and other people.

After all my mission could be considered a bit selfish ‘cause I would like make everyone learning, loving, traveling, discovering, meeting, enjoying and appreciating their lives as I do. And to do that there is no other way than bring people out there in the most magnificent way. No fiction, no tricks: just the amazing reality that’s out there!

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Honestly I’m not an easy person to take picture of. I always find the same expression in any photo of me so I wanted to try a professional shooting experience. The result was excellent! Chiara involved me in a very comfortable way without pushing my personality. We’ve passed some hours with good connection which made possible those shots where I can really see myself in.
I’d suggest to anyone a photographic experience with Chiara because she is very passionate, involving, patient and extremely professional!
Thanks Chiara for your great job!
Francesca Bergamino