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Bedouin life

A journey in the remote wilderness of the Wadi-Rum desert with bedouins and their camels


3 months in the holy land

A street artist in Tel Aviv

L.O.L. -Lord of Lords- : a video presentation


commercial for travel related business: hotels, restaurants, travel boards


Indoor and outdoor concerts and events photography

Justice 4 Grenfell

Anger and sadness: Missing, death, tears and dust.

Balkans solo road trip

The photographer Chiara Battistini, a car, a tent and a camera: exploring the western balkans

Slackline guinness world record

Saint Jeannet, Provence - Cote d'Azur, France

Tarangire national park

Wildlife at Tarangire national park, Tanzania

Ngorongoro crater

Wildlife at Ngorongoro conservation area, Tanzania

The zambian Odyssey

Zambia Photo backpacking

Serengeti national park

Wildlife at Serengeti National Park - Tanzania


Conceptual studio photography

South Luangwa

wildlife at South Luangwa river national park - Zambia

Malawi: The warm heart of Africa

Malawian people

Into the shadow

Ale: Black & White studio shooting

The Black Rhino Drama

With less than 5000 individuals the black rhino population is still one of the most critically endangered

Nairobi: colera & hotel with view

Getting sick in Nairobi may open door for a different point of view. This reportage comes from those days, stuck in my hotel.

The malawian nursery.

The malawian nursery. A volunteer project photo reportage


studio portraits photography


The truth is one but there are many. Creative post processed photograph.

Daily tasks – Beach life

Around zanzibar arcipelague income generating opportunities are limited. Daily tasks -Beach life- is a photo reportage about the local lifestyle.


Reportage & documentary photography


From everyday life of someone, in the world. Meet someone!


To capture the moment you must first experience it.


Pro conservation photography. All animals I've photographed are wild and free in their own habitat. "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.".

Studio Photography

Studio portraits & creative

Handmade product photography with love

Handmade jewelry e-commerce

The rope of light

studio portraits

Don’t Trust the Mirror

Music Video: Les Trois Tetons - Don't Trust the Mirror

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